Top of Mind Rundown

Sam Mahlstadt —  August 24, 2012 — Leave a comment

Any creative endeavor requires innovation, strategic planning and execution. These will never go away. However, I believe that many people (I am not using the words artists here, as I believe us all to be creating bodies of work with our lives – more on that in my book) neglect the crucial role of courage in the creative process. Whether it be getting a household up and ready in the mornings, tackling a to-do list, launching a business or writing a book, doing important work takes courage.

Again, this takes on many forms, but to live a life of meaning and to invest in something bigger than yourself requires a series of courageous acts.

I would venture to say we have all the technology we could ask for to get our work done, but courage is still missing. This is why the writer never publishes, the entrepreneur never opens shop, and the activist never rallies people for a common goal.

We live with fears of rejection and failure. We insulate ourselves from failing, and make safe decisions. But if we’re ever going to create a meaningful body of work with our lives, we must cling to courage. Courage is the trait that will see you through the hard times and allow you to make difficult decisions.

You and I may be über creative or naturally strategic, but unless we act with courage, we are bound to settle for safe and familiar.

Here’s to being courageous and following after our dreams.

In the last month, I’ve officially released three books. Lots of birthing for one month. And now I’m full swing into marketing for two of the three (but don’t fret, you can order all three :) )

Creative Theology, which is the book I’ve been working on for years, just arrived in print yesterday. It’s been a long time coming. You can order it here, if you haven’t already.

Kenned Rae Saves the Day was a birthday gift for my two-year-old, Kennedy. It’s also available on Lulu, if you’re looking for a children’s book to add to your collection.

My 10 Self-Publishing Mistakes was a result of writing, editing, and self-publishing Creative Theology. It’s designed to keep you out of the many snares en route to a self-published book. I’ve made significant mistakes, no need in you making the same… You can get the ebook free when you subscribe to my newsletter.

One: a bit of a fail. I missed my deadline of today for my free ebook. It will go live tomorrow.

Two: print copies of Creative Theology are confirmed to be in-hands tomorrow! FINALLY.

Also…I talk about delays, both self-inflicted and outside of your control, in the free ebook.

On this self-inflicted delay: I learned my lesson that trying to cram a launch in at the end of being away for 3 days was not smart. Oh, and not to rely on wifi in airports or hotels…#FAIL

Self-Publishing Sucks

Sam Mahlstadt —  July 13, 2012 — 6 Comments

I have become a huge proponent of self-publising, and now that my book is set to arrive late this week or early next, I believe in it now more than ever. But, let me make one thing clear…self-publishing is hard. Millions of details through which to navigate and many hoops through which to jump. The market is very much set up for traditional publishers. Which makes self-publishing suck.

But…there’s hope!

Every time someone self-publishes, the rules bend. The printers become easier to work with. The FAQs become more robust. The information becomes more readily accessible. The times they are a changing. But it doesn’t mean it’s easy. In fact, it still sucks. It just sucks a little less everytime someone successfully launches their own book into the world.

As I felt the pain of the self-publishing process come to a climax a few months ago (when the printer went silent for THREE MONTHS!) I began to gather great information on how to self-publish successfully, and look hard at the errors I had made, and was currently making. At first it was just for me, but as I felt the full weight of the self-publishing suckiness, I knew I had to share.

So share I will.

I will be releasing a free ebook later this month on the top 10 mistakes I made while self publishing my book, and (more importantly!) how you can avoid those same mistakes. The ebook is free in that I won’t take your money, but as nothing in this life is free, I will trade you a copy of the ebook for your email. Another way to say that is: you get a free ebook and a subscription to the exclusive content in my newsletter. So truly, it’s a double win for you. How’s that for a value proposition? ;)

If you are in the process of self-publishing, or think you may self-publish in the future, this will save you time, money, frustration, and agony. You can’t afford to miss it.  

The distribution of the ebook will be handled exclusively through my newsletter, so if you want to navigate the self-publishing monster without losing your mind, you should subscribe and make sure you get this handy dandy ebook.

The ebook is set to ship on or before July 23rd.