Creative Theology: The Book

[heading style=”2″]”From the moment I started reading it, I LOVED Creative Theology.  The Bible and the stories within it are full of color, surprise, and intrigue, but the books about it tend to be dry and predictable – not Creative Theology – it had me hooked.  Beautifully written and wildly designed, Sam has gone outside of the lines here to offer an inspired perspective on the intersection of creativity and Christianity.”Shaun King – Author of 100![/heading] [heading style=”2″]”Creative Theology is deep, smart, brave, and beautiful. If that’s the kind of work that inspires you, read … no, experience this book.”

Scott McClellan – Communications Pastor at Irving Bible Church[/heading] [heading style=”2″]

“In the future, books will be a collision of content and art. Thanks to Sam Mahlstadt, the future is here. In this book, he helps us see the divine origination of creativity in the most beautiful format you could imagine.”

Ben Arment – Founder of the STORY conference , author of Church in the Making and Dream Year

[/heading] [heading style=”2″]”Creative Theology is a resonating piece of work. Sam poignantly illuminates the tensions that face creatives and the Church. This is a great book for any creative team, artist, or communicator.”

Chad JarnaginCreator of the Luminous Project.[/heading]

[heading style=”2″]”This is more than a book – it’s a journey through art, creativity, and the story of God. Not only will Creative Theology bring greater meaning to the work of the artist, but it will inspire and reawaken the inner artist of those who’ve forgotten that they’ve been created in the image of the great Creator.”

Scott HodgePastor of Orchard Community in Aurora, IL[/heading]

Creative Theology explores the implications of God as Creator. The boook explores quesitons like…

  • What does it mean that the Scriptures open with the Creator speaking and breathing life?

  • What does the garden have to do with us, right now, in our present lives?

  • How do we create lives that reflect God and join in his work?

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“I can’t tell you how much I loved Creative Theology. I read all three sections in one sitting and have gone back several times to read through each part. Sam is encouraging and helpful in his writing but also gives these glimpses of ‘what might be’ which got my heart racing. This is a beautiful book in every sense of the word.”

Chris Vacher – Worship Pastor at C4 Church


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…this book is sure to help the reader regain confidence in living out who the Creator called us to be.”

Perry Ross, Worship Director at Lutheran Church of Hope in West Des Moines, IA


In order to reinforce the concepts found in the book, the book itself is a work of art. Hand-drawn illustrations and full-color design create a reading experience that will draw you in, and draw you back.

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“The design – beautiful and creative.
The content – felt like I was dropped into the Garden.
Takeaway – I’m inspired to go create something.”

Gary Molander – Founder of Floodgate Productions, author of Pursuing Christ. Creating Art.

[/heading] [heading style=”2″]

“It is beautiful. I love the writing, the design… everything!”

Paul StewartLead pastor of The Gateway Church in Des Moines, IA

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“Creative Theology is an artful masterpiece. From its beautiful design elements to its poignant message, you will walk away inspired and challenged to embrace your divine creativity.”

Alece Ronzino, communications coach for non-profits and founder of One Word 365


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