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I just received an Idea Survival Kit from the great people at Behance.

I started using Action Method Online a while back, when I began to approach my writing and projects with a new, professional, mindset. I’ve since been impressed with both the ideology and practicality of the action method. Then I picked upĀ Making Ideas Happen (affiliate link) by Scott Belsky, and it was gold.

I tweeted a while ago:

That was all it took for this kit, including a signed book, to find it’s way to my doorstep. Win!

Although this is NOT a sponsored post, and I’m not receiving anything for it, I would encourage you to check out the Action Method products, and if you haven’t already, get Making Ideas Happen.

The creative individual always needs a bit of a kick in the rear when it comes to productivity. These products will do just that. Because after all…a great idea is no good if it isn’t executed.

While I was studying at the University of Iowa , there was a huge Jackson Pollock painting on display in the Museum of Art. In front of the masterpiece were a pair of Eames chairs.

They were as comfortable as they were beautiful.

I’m not much of a furniture guy, but I have not seen anything like them. I will always equate these chairs with extravagant art and rich creativity. And I will forever want to own one.

What’s that thing for you that gives you creative warm fuzzies?

Do you consider yourself generally creative?

Would you describe yourself as “a creative”?

When I enlisted the help of Samwell Creative to come up with some design work for the new blog, I knew I could anticipate a great look. What really sealed the deal for me, however, was not the tremendous design, but the thought that went into the story of the brand. In an email from Sam Duregger I realized the intention that went into creating the logo and design:

Whenever we create we use basic elements to create something beautiful… graphite and paper for a drawing, wood and metal for a building, clay and water for a sculpture… just like God used dirt to create Adam. I added a sprout to theology, because as Christ nourishes our flesh (made of the basic elements of dirt and water) we begin to sprout and grow, becoming a vessel in which God uses to nourish others. So a creative theology is just this… God using the seemingly mundane and dirty to produce something beautiful and impacting.

And this was not clearly laid out for him, which he shares on the Samwell Creative blog. I was, you could say, less than helpful in providing direction for the work.

I knew I wanted two things:

  • Simple
  • Clean

That clearly doesn’t give a designer much to work with, but after sending him some designs I liked (which were entirely schizophrenic) he dove into my writing content and learned the heart and story behind a creative theology. From there he developed the look that I completely love.

If you are a fan, feel free to take one of the designs and represent a creative theology on your blog!

I finished the book, Making Ideas Happen, by Scott Belsky a bit ago. I didn’t post a review at the time, because (and I think this is relevant) I was making some ideas happen.

I could stop there, because I can’t think of a more positive review of a book about productivity than placing the review of said book on the backburner to go make ideas happen. But I’ll keep going…

In MIH, Belsky weaves personal insight (the guy runs an incredible organization) and tales from leading creatives who have a propensity to make their creative ideas come to life.

As Belsky reminds in the book, success less about being creative and more about seeing your ideas find their way out of your head and into the world.
In order to make this point, Belsky tackles productivity, collaboration and leadership. He navigates each topic with extraordinary knowledge and eloquence.

It’s easy to think up great ideas, it’s hard to get them out the door. This book will get you – and more importantly, your ideas – moving.