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Artist Minister

Sam Mahlstadt —  October 28, 2010 — Leave a comment

I wrote a post not too long ago for the artFWD blog called The Artist Minister. In the article, I discussed a couple concepts pertaining to art in the church, and the future of  artists’ involvement in ministry. I was very encouraged when I got to the STORY conference in Chicago, and read the article by Blaine Hogan, The Artist as The New Pastor. I was again encouraged to read a blog post by the pastor of Gateway Church, Paul Stewart, Pastor as Curator.

It’s often said that God doesn’t move through one single person, but rather plants ideas in many people, and the concept emerges as a new move of God. Well, this my friends…is a new movement. And not just because the three of us wrote about overlapping and related ideas, but because every time I write or talk about this, it resonates with people very deeply.

#BDSMS Workshop

Sam Mahlstadt —  October 25, 2010 — 1 Comment

Below is the presentation I used at my workshop (depending on your internet speed, it may need a few moments to load). You can also download a PDF of my notes; click here.

I was priveledged to be a part of the Be Deviant Social Media Summit yesterday here in Des Moines. It was a great time loaded with thoughtful, proven content.

I had a great time presenting my workshop on discovering where and how social media fits in ministry (my presentation and notes will be up tomorrow). My favorite moments, however, were the conversations before after and in between the sessions. So many great people were in attendance.

Also, how you can you beat Cynthia Ware showing up via Skype, and Brandon Donaldson streaming in live from the HD studio?

What was your favorite moment of the Summit?

If you weren’t able to make it, make sure that you’re there next year; it’ll be even bigger and better, no doubt!

The BeDeviant Social Media Summit is approaching. This Saturday, ministry professionals will gather and learn the why and how of social media, creating a network of web-savvy kingdom builders.

I’ll be leading a breakout that deals with finding social media’s fit into your ministry or organization. It’s titled, “Round Hole, Square Peg, New Media: Discovering Where and How Social Media Fits Into Your Ministry.”

There will be some great folks leading, speaking and facilitating. It’s going to be fun to meet new people who are doing ministry well, and be able to hang out with some friends. I can’t wait, and you can still register if you haven’t yet.

Yesterday, Sam DuRegger posted about his break-out session, “Social Storytelling.” It’s going to be good. Hope to see you there.

I will be facilitating a workshop/breakout session at the Be Deviant Social Media Summit on October 23, in beautiful downtown Des Moines. I’m getting pretty excited about it, and it’s not too late to sign up!

Here’s the idea that I am going to talk about, and hopefully a few of us will walk away with a renewed idea of the role social media plays in ministry – and how to be more effective in our approach. (the talk is geared toward church leaders, but there are many takeaways for business owners and non-profit leaders as well)

Idea: Social media is the arm, not the heart or the brain of your ministry (business, organization, etc. etc.).

Focus: Maintaining measurable goals, establishing clear focus and keeping perspective around your social media strategy.

I will expound on what the heart of your ministry is, or should be, what the brain is, and how those two things must be well-established before social media will benefit your cause. At all. But…if your heart is beating and your brain is functioning, your arm can be vital to the way you function.

I have written on the topic a couple times for COLLIDE magazine. To get a feel for where I am coming from, those might be a good place to start; you can read those articles here.

If you have already registered for the Summit, or are planning on it, I’d love to know!