Creative Theology

Foundational to the book is a belief that there is something deeply theological about creativity. If we explore the relational force of creativity and the Creator, we will uncover something both fascinating and life-changing.

This is a creative theology.

Thanks to the work of two talented designers, you will encounter pieces of art at the turn of each page. Thanks to the numerous supporters who pitched in via Kickstarter, I raised a good majority of the funds needed to publish this book.


Sneak peek of the first section here.

Sneak peek of the second section here.

Sneak peek of the third section here.

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What people are saying

“It is beautiful. I love the writing, the design… everything!” -Paul Stewart, Lead Pastor of The Gateway Church

“…this book is sure to help the reader regain confidence in living out who the Creator called us to be.” -Perry Ross, Worship Director at Lutheran Church of Hope