The Collaboration Generation

The other day I wrote a brief post highlighting some great collaborative projects, and my desire for the church to pick up the need for artistic collaboration among creatives.

The producer generation has limitless connections, and it seems like six degrees of separation has become more like two or three with the networks of Facebook, Twitter, and the like. This generation values and understands the necessity of collaboration. We have a deep desire for community, and the humble (although many times this gets overshadowed by insecurity) sense that we can’t do it alone.

If the church can embrace and empower artistic collaboration as a new generation explores past the boundaries the previous generation placed on our faith, the possibilities are endless.

Our faith will take on new dimensions, our understanding of God will be stretched and deepened and our communities will become stronger. Even our Bibles will embrace a more holistic view of the faith that would have seemed heretical in the previous generation.

You can sample The Voice by downloading the Gospel of John, here.