A Sabbatical Breather

Let me preface this post by saying: I hate when people tweet about taking a break from Twitter. I hate when people blog about such things as well.

With that said…last winter, I wrote about taking a sabbatical. The thing about sabbaticals is that they put things in perspective. When you aren’t working/creating/networking you realize things like:

  • the world keeps spinning
  • no one is dying because I didn’t {enter what you do here}
  • other people are speaking too
  • I can breathe

Yesterday, I took a one-day hiatus from Twitter. No tweets. I read a few, but posted none. As these blog posts are automatically tweeted, this day away also included no blog posts. (This is another goal I gave myself at the start of the year; no filler posts.)

I wanted to feel a day where I didn’t create anything for consumption, including a stupid comment about something funny I saw walking through my office (trust me, that’s tempting). It felt good to breathe, and not have the pressure I place on myself to create something, drive attention to it, and then worry what people thought about it. What a huge relief, if at least for a day.

Here is the TED talk I previously linked to in the winter sabbatical post. It is Stefan Sagmeister talking about the power of sabbatical. You can find his new book in the Going Pro Bookstore. Enjoy. And remember to breathe.