Generation Y(ouTube)


I feel that YouTube is the best example of how Gen Y is changing the rules for the private and public sectors of our culture. YouTube thrives on the concept that anyone can create, edit, publish and distribute their work/ideas/concepts/creations to the world. Generation Y is being raised with the awareness of a global connectedness that is unprecedented.

To Gen Y, or the millennial generation, there are no barriers preventing them from taking an idea from concept to distribution.  There is no more climbing the corporate ladder in order to “arrive” to a certain level of status. There is no more waiting for your idea to get discovered. There are certainly no limits to collaboration. With social media, there is no shortage of audience.

The only thing left to Gen Y to do is tell their story. YouTube allows this to happen through video.

If you are part of Gen Y, I am sure you resonate with what I am saying. Authenticity is mandatory, and creativity is the motor. If you haven’t already, go tell your story.

If you are in a position of leadership, and see Gen Y working in your organization or business, be ready to radically change your leadership style – or lose the most talented and connected generation in history. It is up to you to create a culture where people can make an impact immediately, and be a part of something bigger than themselves. Gen Y doesn’t necessarily want a huge paycheck, but they demand an opportunity to be part of creating change.